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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 19, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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when trayvon martin was first shot, i said that this could have been my -- my son. another way of saying that is that trayvon martin could have been me. >> the president gets personal in his first public remarks after at quittal of george zimmerman in the death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. good afternoon, everyone, i'm larry beil.
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>> care yes lynn johnson is off. president obama says the nation needs to look for ways to move forward. >> urging americans to do soul searching and says he disbelieve race relations are getting better. >> we have more on the president's historic speech from washington, d.c.. >> last year, president obama said if he had a son, he would look like trayvon martin. today, he went further. >> trayvon martin could have been me. 35 years ago. >> it was a remarkably personal statement from the president. his expensive -- extensive comment on on trayvon martin. during the visit, he seemed to speak off the cuff and rarely looked down at notes. saturday, six jurors found zimmerman not guilty of second degree murder and manslaughter charges in martin's 2012
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death. for months, the case fascinated and divided the nation, sparking demonstrations. many african americans said they felt let down by the justice system. >> the sentence that that if a white male teen was involved in the same kinld of scenario from top to bottom the aftermath might have been different. >> president obama skipped legal analysis but said the nation needs to recognize the african american community looks at this through a hist tlai doesn't go away. >> there are very few african american men in this country that didn't have the experience of being followed in a department store. >> abc news, washington.
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>> trayvon martin's parents released this statement today, we applaud the president's call to action to bring communities together to encourage an open, and difficult dialogue. we seek a few tour when a child can walk down the street and not worry that others see him as dangerous because of the color of his skin or the clothes on his back. >> in response to the trayvon martin killing oakland students marched in support of peace today. the kids from oakland freedom school carried sign that's said i deserve skplif i am trayvon martin and my life matter wez talked to a youth mentor who says he sees affects of violence on black youth almost every day in his job in an oakland funeral home. >> too much kill goinging on. we're doing a funeral for two young men, 23 years old. it's more going on. it's a lot of trayvon martins being buried today. more hugs for the kids. kids have a lot of anger in them. a lot of kids feel like life is over for them, all they can do is be a trayvon martin.
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>> todd walker says he brings the kids to the funeral home to understand finality of death. >> hearings will be held on a so-called stand your ground laws when the senate returns to session in september. george zimmerman's lawyer dz not invoke florida's stand your ground law but it was included. the law gives the right to use legal force if they feel their slif in danger. >> oakland preparing for a big protest this weekend after violence and vandalism plagued the city during last weekend's protest. organizers tell abc 7 news they're expecting a thousand pep to demonstrate their acquittal. mark? >> we're here just outside of city hall. there is a march scheduled for this evening, between 5:00 and
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7:00 tonight we're expecting marchers to show up. they're going walk here from the f fruitvale bart station this, is a smaller march than an tis pay paited for this coming saturday. groups smashed windows and attacked a waiter in a restaurant. oakland police say another march is planned to the bart station as described and tomorrow a thousand expected in front of the federal building. the bank boarded up its wind windows. wells fargo just finished replacing the glass shattered last weekend. >> i think everyone is praying for a peaceful protest. there are people that may not choose that path. i think our mayor and chief of
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police have come forward to say they're going to do what they can to mitigate that problem. >> police rented a van and we saw no crowd control in front of the federal building and the tribune building lost two large windows to vandalism. wednesday night there was no protest wednesday night. the glass estimated at 60,000,000 -- 6 owe,000. od, surveillance crams were looking at a live picture now of some of the organizers who are putting together tomorrow's protest. they're telling me a thousand people are expected there. we'll have their comments tonight on what they're anticipating and how they're planning for it coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. reporting from frank ogowa plaza, abc 7 news. >> thank you, mark. we're learning about the fatal plane crash at sfo.
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a 16-year-old was alive when she was struck by a vehicle at the scene. today, the coroner says the chinese student died of blunt injuries consistent with being run over by a vehicle. san francisco fire chief said officials believe the girl was on the ground and covered in fire retardant foam when struck by a specialized fire truck. she called it a tragic accident. >> this is very difficult news for us. we're heart broken. we're in the business of saving lives. and many lives were save that had day on july 6th related to flight 2146789 i continue to be very proud of all of the men and women of our demt many members risk their lives to save passenger that's day. >> this is video of the victim, the chief says she and san francisco mayor have contacted her family through the chinese consulate and offered to meet with them. >> just in from sfo today's asiana airlines flight 214 had to do a go around before
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landing at 1:41 p.m. 214 the flight number that crashed on july 6th this must have been frightening today, that pilot back on the 6th requested a go around just seconds before the crash no. explanation for the go around, but faa disappoint out they can be requested for routine reasons. >> a $25,000 reward is now being offered in the murder of 8-year-old that was shot and killed while at a sleepover at her best friend's nous oakland. family and friends held a vigil for her, but there was a moment of conflict when some activists showed up planning to march. we caught it on individual yoi two. men shouted at an activist to leave. two other children and an adult were also shot late wednesday night and are recovering. she was the youngest of the 54 murder victims in oakland this year. >> police in san mateo trying to catch a child predator saying a man committed lewd acts on a 10-year-old girl
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inside barns and noble bookstore last sunday. police just released this video. you can see a man leading a girl into a secluded part of the store. here is what the man looks like wearing a fishing hat, sun glasses and tan targo pants. police say he was seen getting to a dirt year black, or gray four-door car. >> a former crime lab teblg anything sentenced to five years probation. the 62-year-old seen here weight waiting for a court appearance pleaded guilty to a federal misdemeanor charge of cocaine possession admitted taking small amounts of cocaine that spilled off the scales of the lab addressing her alcohol and depression problems in court today and apologized to the people of san francisco. >> more evacuations from a major ild wildfire in above palm springs. it's only 15% contained.
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residents told they're under a evacuation order on top of 6,000 other people who have been evacuated from the tourist town of idyllwild. some spent three days out of homes. >> this morning we had pine bark in the yard and piles of ash. >> we're there, we're ready. >> i'm praying for rain, rain. i wish everybody would pray for rain. >> and they need rain. we've got a live picture now. the thick smoke from all of the fires officials say the sfir now spreading in three differences -- directions. >> well, it's time to focus on weather here. it's heating up across the region. >> yes. spencer christian is off. sandhya? >> 94 in fairfield so it's warm. but of course place is
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escaping the heat, the fog neert coast. we're watching the layers of fog, areas of smoke moving up from that mountain fire up towards bakersfield los angeles area and heading into our direction as wind flow is carrying that. these are winds bringing up the smoke. could make for a colorful sunset f you do get a chance to see sunset tonight it's foggy now as you can see. and 62 in san francisco. 80 in san jose. coastal spots only in upper 50s for highs. you can see why. santa rosa 83 degrees and 93 now in livermore, san jose enjoying sunshine with 80 degree are weather so far,
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mild inland, foggy at the coast this evening. mid-50s low 80s, tomorrow, coastal fog, maybe dense. temperatures coming up into low 60s to mid-90s. i'll tell you about changes coming for the second half of the weekend when i come back. >> still ahead apple takes a step towards improving mapping service. >> plus the theme park teaching lessons about life as an adult. >> tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of the deadly movie theater shootings in aurora, colorado how two survivors goring to celebrate today. >> and michael finney is taking questions on twitter and facebook answering them here live a little later. you can contact michael on and on twitter. >> let's see how people are getting away. they try to make their way out of downtown san francisco. a live look at the skyway. you can see it's a very slow crawl head together lower deck
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of the bay bridge. better for folks on the righthand side of the screen heading towards 101 south. back with more at 4:00 in just a moment.
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alameda police questioning a man who walked into a hospital with a gunshot wound to see if he's the second robbery suspect shot n by an off duty sheriff's deputy. the unidentified deputy shot and killed one suspect on high street. the deputy thinks he wounded a second suspect. the deputy was shopping at
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about 10:30 when two masked men came in with guns demanding money. police say the sheriff deputy fired his gun out of fear for everyone's safety. >> business news now, retail me not surged on the first day of trading and apple agreed to buy a navigation app. >> good afternoon. retail me not began trading after raising $191 million. the austin based company sold 9.1 million shares. the only the third consumer internet company to go public since facebook's rocky ipo 14 months ago. shares up 32 prgs in today's trading. cbs asking time warner cable for increased transmission fees so time warner says cbs is asking for a 600% increase over what others are paying for the same programming. u.s. retail sales are falling
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quite a bit down 15% here that is games and console market in a two year slump as consumers are moving to play online games and perhaps because they're aware of big new releases of x box one and play station 4. u.s. stocks rose today giving the s and p 500 index a fourth week of gains. and bloomberg just learned apple is buying the navigation service hop stop providing directions from more than 140 major areas in the u.s. as apple looking to improve mapping tools after the rocky debut last year.
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>> an unusual chain of theme parks getting attention for letting kids tryout adult jobs, take a look. pint-sized paramedics are practicing first aid and young firefighters hose down a building. it's cute. children select a job, change into uniforms and then again get training. the attractions are sponsored by real life companies and kids earn money which they can use to buy gifts or visit the park again. executives say the goal is to teach kids about earning and spending. >> we have almost 60 they can stop by. to make money. >> they hope to open one in the u.s..
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i would say get ready for work. >> yes. >> and daddy will be on the couch, bring your kid zos back home. >> there should be one in the u.s., so cute. >> we have some heat heading our way. so we'll have comfortable conditions on the coastline. we'll go with a wide range of conditions from coast to inland. some of you feeling td summer heat way from the coast. fog near parts of the coastline. we're seeing some sun. some breaking up along the coast. but still not a completely clear sky there. we're looking back towards san francisco. you can see the sun, marine layer is shallow. fog along the coast overnight tonight. hot inland and mild near the
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coast for saturday. hot air mass shifting west. heat will peak tomorrow. that is when here are the highs so far. 122 degrees. the all time record is 134. 108 in las vegas. 102 in red bluff. palm springs 100 degrees. the sea breeze and fog still putting its mark. 79 in los angeles. 62 in monterey. overnight we'll see fog around near the coast. patches around the bay, and so if you have early morning plans just plan on fog first thing in the morning.
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temperatures coming up a couple degrees. 89 los gatos, on the peninsula, low 80s so pretty mild afternoon. mountain yu 846789 low 60s here near the coast. we'll see linger fog into afternoon. 61 in daily city. 62 into the sunset district. north bay low 60 as long the coast but check out triple digits. it will be toasty away from the mr marine influence. 87 sonoma. east bay, it's going to be a mild day. 74 in oak lchbltd 78 union city. this is where you'll see heat. feel the heat. 96 in antioch. 95 livermore, here is a look at 9 accu-weather forecast. temperatures ranging from low 60s to mid-90s, cooler sunday. the bridge ridge weakens meaning cooler weather you'll
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notice clouds coming in from the south. that will add more humidity to the air but we'll be keeping a close tab on that in case that develops into anything. >> thank you so much. >> up next a pop culture invasion. taking you to comicon where stars and fans are coming out. then, after 4:30. >> this white bus is giving food trucks a run for their money. how san francisco restaurants are trying to get a piece of the dow
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wow. a grandmother won't be telling them turn that racquet down. a staff was stunned when this, oh, my goodness she strolls in and rocks the house performing from out of nowhere with both drum sticks. buddy rich was a great drummer back in her day. staffers say they had no idea who this woman is or where she went. she just came in, did her thing then said i'm not buying drums. >> how odd. >> just practicing. >> new movies hitting box office plus craziness of comicon. >> we have more in today's on
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the red carpet report. >> thousands of fans are in san diego for comicon. the event attracts fans of comic books movies and tv to the so cal city with a chance to meet the stars like harrison ford here to promote his upcoming movie. >> i'm glad to be here and delighted to have a chance to be part of brenging the film to these fans' attention. >> it runs through this sunday. it's a big weekend at the box office with new movies like criminal action comedy red twos starring bruce willis. >> this is an ambitious movie in the romance and action and comedy foo you can measure fear like terror it's up
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there. >> if you're looking for something more for the family there is turbo with ryan reynold who's stars in the action comedy ripd. get more movie news on >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 battle of the photos a boston police officer at the center of these graphic pictures of bombing suspect jahar tsarnaev. >> police thought they're arresting a drunk driver. what was going on with the person behind the wheel? >> two people that survived colorado movie shooting turning a terrible memory into a positive one. the special way
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a massachusetts state trooper released a striking pictures of the capture after accused boston bomber will face a disciplinary hearing. the officer says he was upset over this cover of jahar tsarnaev on the cover of "rolling stone" magazine. >> bloody, injured and staggering out of a boat where he had been hiding these new images of jahar tsarnaev paint a very different picture of the bombing suspect compared to the controversial cover of this week's "rolling stone"
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magazine. that is what the massachusetts state police sargeant wanted. sargeant sean murphy, there during the manhunt told the magazine his photos display the real boston bomber not someone fluffed and bufed for the cover of the magazine adding it's irritated the wounds that will never heal gene that is the real face of terror. a agree. >> it's inappropriate. that doesn't need to be out there. >> one photo shows a red dot on the 19-year-old's forhead from police snipers ready to shoot to kill necessary. tsarnaev is accused of working with his older brother to set off a pair of bombings that killed three people, injuring hundreds more. this cover angered many in boston with several stores now boycotting the august issue which is out today. >> i think they should focus attention on the brave people, the people that lost their lives not the monster who caused it all. >> sargeant murphy's bosses
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say these images were released with out auj saigs. death death authorization. the 25 year veteran now faces possible decision plin nairy action pending an internal investigation. >> rolling stone magazine has been geared toward music fans so the picture of tsarnaev really has people talking. the issue hits stores today. we talked with a few people on poke street just to get their reaction. >> i just feel it's soon to have it on there and so far to have the picture and. >> i don't consider rolling stone a breaking news, should be focused around music. i think that this was definitely not the right choice for a cover of "rolling stone". >> as one critic says the picture made people ask for the first time in a long time, did you seat cover of "rolling stone"? >> michigan governor rick
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snyder calling for patience one day after detroit became the biggest city to declare bankruptcy. late today a michigan judge ruled the chapter 9 filing violates the state constitution which protects pension funds. state attorney general filed an appeal. two unsecured city pension funds stand to be biggest losers. detroit is $18 billion in debt much is owd to pension autos some disturbing video surfaced showing a new mexico woman being thrown to the ground by sheriff deputies what they didn't realize is that she was in the mid yefl a diabetic attack. she suffer that had attack while driving in santa fe. she crashed into the back of a truck and couldn't open her car door. deputies thought she was drunk yanking her to the pairment face down. they hand covered her she was limp. >> in this case there was no resistance. we're looking at that very seriously. >> what concern meez is there is no need to lay someone on
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the ground that amount of time. there are other deputies could have assisted in sitting her up i'm surprised i didn't go into a coma in the back of that car. >> well, paramedics treated the diabetic episode. the sheriff's department says it's reviewing the incident.esml jackson's mother in a wrongful death suit had to be suspended today. the 83-year-old broke down in tears on the stand and the she testified just 10 minutes describing the moment she found out about the death. she said she expressed concerns about his come back schedule. she and jackson's three children are kusing promoteor aeg live of negligence claiming it didn't properly investigate doctor causing the death. >> a young couple surviving aroara movie theater shooting decided to turn tomorrow's one-year anniversary of that ordeal into their wedding date. that shooting in colorado left 12 people dead, 70 injured.
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the 21-year-old eugene hahn and 22-year-old kristin davis were on a date when the suspect, james holmes opened fire hahn pushed davids under chairs and shielded her with his body and he was shot in the hip and knee it was a night of you know terror and horror and that stuff but we wanted to change the date and you know, kind of make it our own. >> brought me back to that night how he did kind of save me so of course, i want to keep him around. >> it took hann months to recover. they say the tragedy only strengthened their love for each other. >> still head at 4:00 they're trying to make a love connection at the oakland zoo. we'll explain. >> yes first prank these guys pulled on this groom to be. at his bachelor party. you've got to watch this.
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>> i'm still taking your questions on twitter and pacebook. -- facebook. you can contact me and i'll answer your questions here, live in, just a little bit. >> i'm sandhya patel. looking at a live picture you can see the fog down below. the hazy skies up above the smoke from southern california fire continues to stream into our direction. i'll let you know what kind of temperature spread you can connect for the upcoming weekend. >> and taking a look at traffic just a little back up if you're going through fast track or giants game tonight. they're taking on arizona so, keep that in mind if you're going to be
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the arthritic dog who became an internet sensation last summer has passed away. the owner announced the death of his beflt friend last night. the bond captivated tens of thousands of animal lovers when two hit the internet. people offered to pay for medication and treatment. >> a dramatic rescue caught on video. a tour group went over a drop on washington state white salmon river. one was knocked unconscious.
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the river guide pulled a ran to a rocky enbankment. his first rescue in 25 years. he says the man just forgot to hang on. everybody turned out to be okay. >> a hilarious prank is going viral on the internet. >> oh, boy. take a look. the groom's friends didn't say they're taking him bunky jumping to conquer his fear of heights. he was blind folded and strapped into a harness. >> man, after two hours he was jumped into a kiddie pool. >> how did he think he was up high? >> how do you know? you're blind folded for two hours. the moral of the story is friends don't let their friends get blind folded and
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toured around two hours. >> tough to watch. >> going to hit the shore this weekend? >> the pool, the beach might be the place for you if you don't like hot weather. live doppler 7 you can see fog near the coast along the coastline. heat wave continues to the northeast. we're still dealing with the heat advisories but relief is expected across mid west on saturday. so hot conditions will go away and be starting to see relief. 92 new york, 95 in washington, d.c.. relief by saturday night as a cold front comes through there. out west, salt lake city, 100 degrees. 106 in chico.
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coastal spots here you're going to remain comfortable with the fog. looking at highs here in the bay area, similar pattern. fog keeping you mild. 63 in half moon bay. 67 san francisco. but mid-90s inland so will get hot. san francisco, sunday abc 7 is a proud sponsor. coming up to low 60s. you know, when you're walking you don't want it to be hot. just make sure have you an extra layer. >> okay. >> thank you. >> and watch abc live stream is now available in the bay area. >> it's a new way tochl peer yens abc. you can watch when you're at the a's walk a tablet. you can enjoy on your smart phone, live and on demand.
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>> it's a special new benefit. at no additional cost go. to abc 7 to find out how to access watch abc. >> still head this could be the end of an era for a historic post office. what one group says it's planning to do to stop the postal service. >> and the retired nba star running a thriving start up here in the bay area. yu won't be able to buy products unless you hop on a plane. >> do you have a large amount of document that's need
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the u.s. postal service going through with plans to sell downtown berkeley post office. the building was built 100 years ago. the group says they're not going to go dwoun a fight attempting to pursue legal actions to stop the sale.
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>> you may not know this but retired nba star yao ming has a boutique winery in napa. you may not be able to afford the wine. >> vic lee met yao today touring his winery.. >> hello. he lives in china but makes visits to visit his winery this, comes just months before the harvest and launching of a new product. yao was touring vineyard that's gre his grapes he started the winery a couple years ago, leases vineyards and production space in a custom crush facility in st. helena. his wines are sold almost exclusively in chin
4:48 pm
yachl the middle class there can't get enough of the wine. they pay $650 for his reserve cabernet and $150 for the flagship cab. >> people are getting to, you know, they want something different. they want a wine for a business dinner. >> chinese do conyum a lot of wine, it's a home grown rice wine which can be stronger, yao likes western wines. >> the red brings you different feelings. slow down, peaceful, and enjoy with, with your family. friends. >> there were long hours of photo shoots today. he was followed by photographers and a crew shooting promos that will be aired in chin yachl the winery produces less than 5,000 cases
4:49 pm
per year now, he is introducing a new label, napa crest. he wants napa on the label because he wants the chinese to get to know the region which he loves. >> i want people to come to experience the wine, the food. the weather. everything. >> the new label napa crest will be much cheaper than his cab reserve, again selling for $650 a bottle. napa crest will cost only $48. in napa, vic lee, cheers. abc 7 news. >> yao is seven, six in case people are wondering. >> at the oakland zoo they say simon the wart hog is ready to mate so they set up two lucky ladies to entice him. both hand picked because, listen to this, they have
4:50 pm
ideal genetic traits like large warts and strong tusks. dates are simple, forageing and wallowing in the mud. >> what every girl like autos absolutely. >> that is what do you. >> yes. last year 25,000 people gathered in golden gate park for the event. walkers will be able to see sthechls on the jumbo tron. >> yes. we'll be streaming it live as well on abc 7 you can still register. you can visit or text walk sf to 292929. >> michael finney is here answering questions sent to you by facebook and e mail. >> if sl tl a way to estimate how my fico score will affect
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mortgage? >> yes. there is. let me give you an example. if you -- from top to bottom of a fico score for $100,000 in a mortgage you'll pay $100 more just because of the score. $100. if you want to take a look at the score exactly what it would mean to a mortgage, i want you to go to my i've got the link. check it out, you'll understand why you want to start paying bills ontime. >> wow. >> not a year. >> yes. >> over the course of one. >> yes. >> worse credit higher rate. >> yes. >> holly m wants to know do you know a free place to get a large amount of documents shredded? >> i do. there are a few professional shredding companies located throughout the bay area, from time to time they offer free
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shredding events. there happen to be a couple tomorrow. they will be there shred works is the name of the company in the lot with a truck it's for free, tuesday, july 23, data safe bringing you truck over to stoneridge drive in pleasanton. 5870, as you can see there. you can bring up to five banker boxes worth of paper to shred for free. for more information and numbers go to abc 7 now, i just want to circle back on information i gave this week. i answered a question right here, here it s i lived in san francisco in the same apartment seven years. they want to increase rent from 1200ses today $1372. is that right?
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i said this year and last year, the rent control rules allow him to go up 1.9%. but i said they weren't allowed to bank past rent increase if they hadn't passed them on that. sin correct. many circumstances, they're awill youed to if they didn't charge going they're allowed to go back and give you a 10% charge, or whatever. >> it's complicated. >> you should check with the rent control board and renter's union before you pay an increase. >> thank you. >> up next competition from popular food trucks heating up. new ways they're getting food without the wait. >> coming up at 5:00 this mother has never been so happy to see her newborn. a dispute put her baby in the sight of a gunman. baby food victory parents at a loss to understand. why lead-tainted food does not need a warning on the label.
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booming food truck business facing new competition. >> right. brick and mortar restaurants now bringing their food downtown in hopes of getting a piece that have lunchtime action. >> we are live from the financial district with the story. >> larry and ama ever since trucks exploded on to the scene a few years ago there has been tension with brick and mortar restaurants of. now, restaurants decided to hit the road. it doesn't look that different but this bus is bringing san francisco's restaurant scene to the crowd. >> this shrimp taco. >> chorizo slider was chip eyes got seaweed salad. >> like way out in outer richmond i still live there. when i saw they'd bring that
4:58 pm
here for lunch it's amazing! >> hallow alto based e club came wupt idea so far have 40 restaurants participating including the mission and dinosaur autos we have a team of people who know what is good, who find things that people need to know about. >> the service is accurate. entrees made head of time. this kitchen owner says it's the same way they have done knit recent years. >> a lot of financial districts ask me to deliver. very no member to do that. >> it appears the city's new regulation autos we want to give them the space to be able to try to do things and bring new products to consumer autos
4:59 pm
so far there is only one bus per city but if it catches on, more could be coming. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you very much. a mother's nightmare is over now she's reunited with her baby taken from her at gun point. >> president obama's off the cuff remarks on the trayvon martin case and how it's very personal for him. >> i'll show you how hot goitsing to get this weekend and where you can go to escape it, coming up. >> we go to work every day to save lives. >> the first responders first grim fact one firefighter accidentally killed one of the
5:00 pm
teen-aged victims, good evening. >> the county coroner confirmed the sad news today in front of a group of firefighters and first responder who's saved so many lives. 16-year-old was still alive when she was struck by a fire vehicle at the scene. abc 7 news reporter joins us near the airport now, heather? >> the coroner has confirmed the cause of death but will have to wait for the san francisco police department's major accident investigation, ntsb report to name i few to hopefully have more detail and a better understanding of how this could have happened. the coroner says the 16-year-old died from blunt injuries consistent with being run over by a motor vehicle. >> those injuries she was alive at the


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